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Do you have an awesome profile picture what might look perfect if only not. . .

  • Need to design your family collage,
  • Wedding photo editing,
  • Cellulitis eliminations,
  • Cleaning the face,
  • White balance, brightness correction, leveling of horizon, Correct the colors, Crop pictures
  • Adjust the underexposed and overexposed images,
  • Remove red-eye,
  • Retouch imperfections and blemishes,
  • Edit backgrounds,
  • Remove people,
  • Crop pictures
  • Perform virtual weight reduction,
  • Brighten teeth,
  • Even the skin tone,
  • Smoothen wrinkles,
  • Add makeup if needed on lips and face, etc.

All those magic of Adobe Photoshop is for you! What are you waiting for to make your photos better than ever!


KseniyaPhotography - UNICEF Photographer near you. Candid or Staged shots in NYC area