I am a female professional event photographer based in Manhattan, New York, NY.

  • I have been an official photographer for SAP, Microsoft, IBM, OSCE, EXPO-2017, UN, etc. Please ask for a complete list.
  • I am experienced in shooting Forums and Conferences, Grand openings as well as intimate family events. I particularly enjoy being part of a loving family celebration.

Borrow my eye, professional experience and the ability to tell your story by showing any your event through lifestyle photography, candid or posed. My pleasure to share with you the gained experience shooting in Paris (FR), Milan, Venice (IT), Amsterdam (NL), Dubai (UAE), St.Petersburg (RU), Astana (KZ), Antalya (TR), San Juan (PR) etc.

Follow me. I have a lot to show
fallow me photographer contacts
UNICEF photograper
Hundreds of publications
I’m a UNICEF photographer. A number of photographs picturing the lives of various groups of children in Kazakhstan, including vulnerable children, were produced for the use as a part of office communication work including photo essays, the UNICEF publications, media briefs.
Selfies with Celebrities Collector
I've a long experience list
Photo: Ivana Trump, HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia with KseniyaPhotography. Being a haunter of events on my list are Royalty, Presidents, ambassadors, famous brand names as IBM, SAP, Microsoft etc.
How to pose for a photographer
How I would help you pose
Here is my short sample video how I would help you pose if you don’t know anything about it
Published in New York
International Herald Tribune
International Herald Tribune, New York, May 2012
International publications
Hundreds of my works published in a few countries
My works had been published in magazines and books in 5 countries. I get new request for publications every another week.
KseniyaPhoto with European Ambassadors
Reception of Embassy of Romania, Rixos President Astana. Left hand Ukraine. Right hand Georgia
High-tech friendly. Innovative
I built my own web-site
On me: your photos online, gallery to order free prints, back-ups of your photos, order services online. On You: order a package deal online and be at the certain place at certain time.
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11 June 2018
Constantly meetting famous people
On the photo: Ilya Ilyin, Gold medalist, Lift waiter, Kazakhstan
I absolutely Love what I do, love the industry that I am in and doing freelance allows me to constantly meet new people and see amazing new places all over the World. I had a chance to take portraits of 11 PRESIDENTS of different countries.
Easygoing personality
Helping before, during and after your photo session
If you can’t meet before your photo session or willing to arrange everything via text and email, I’m available 24/7 to answer any questions
Fun Video Selfie
NYFW selfie at video booth
The New York Yankees from 1991 through 2006
KseniyaPhoto with your former professional baseball player and musician