All I need is fast simple pictures, says you

Hey! Quick question, if you don’t need heavy pictures to send out. Would you consider iPhone shooting? When all is said and done, beeing a professional photographer, active on social

How to Propose in New York City? 101 of Secret Proposal ideas for NYC: rooftop of UWS, Broadway

“Will you marry me?” The decision is made, Yes, the love of my life she is! The ring is in the pocket. Next gazillion questions months prior had solved: Where

Hidden places with no crowds in New York City? Myth or Reality

“Can we go places where no people, but I want to get New York’s vibe”, – surprisingly not rare request that I get for outdoors shooting, me wrapping my head

There is a Black Hole at Times Square!

There is Black Hole at Times Square! Literally! The walls of round shape room are rotating around a suspension bridge (very light bridge I’d say) and as soon you step

What is the best present for a girlfriend on St.Valentine’s Day?

St.Valentine’s Day the most popular search on Internet “What is the best present for a girlfriend?” Easy! Secret Proposal. Get engaged in New York City with Manhattan as a backdrop!

Secret proposal at the Snowstorm in NYC

I still see all over the internet “you can buy love, look at Trump”; “the Earth is the center of Universe” NASA © (it’s official!) Man is the top of

NewYorkers? How to recognize us?

NewYorkers? How to recognize us? Tada! I have a lot to say!  It won’t be exaggeration today to say New York City is the top of the World. Top of

The most popular locations for a photo session: Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO – Pier 1

80% of visitors to New York City prefer this location to any other. I’d call this the most popular location for a Family Photos as for Elopement weddings and Secret Proposals.

Too much attention does bother You?

My friend once said being asked to describe me in text message style, here is her respond, “Expect to be blown away with positive energy” Thank you “Sexy mama” I

The Super Bowl 2017 party weekend is here! What does it mean for girls?

The Super Bowl party weekend is here! The Atlanta #Falcons and the New England #Patriots will face off on Sunday, February 5 at the biggest #game of the year. I

Chelsea Market – Man cave style

Chelsea Market is a lovely but weird place: Dark man cave style with the dozen of authentic restaurants and only 2 bathrooms with a line to China! Girls not friendly

Accidentally discovery: Drop Ball 2016 is still holding on during a wedding ceremony from the main NYC rooftop with the dash of first snow in New York!

Look what I found among my December #photos! The Ball is still there! 2016 is holding on! A little bit more then a week from then millions of people all