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Sara: Thank you so much! You really captured the feel of the party and I appreciate you making the trip out to CT!… https://t.co/7AzLnVkWYT
24 July 2019
Dave: Kseniya, Just wanted to let you know we are getting all kinds of compliments on your pictures from the weddin… https://t.co/2wVeNhtfpr
23 July 2019
Tomas: Hey thank you so much for everything. That was literally the beat day of my love an everything went to perfe… https://t.co/ow5PkRTTOH
05 July 2019
Pushpa: Hi Kseniya! Thanks so much..!Very excited to see what's #captured 🙂 you were very kind and gracious! Thank… https://t.co/mU7eQy3stZ
17 April 2019
Liz (A figure model manager in NYC): You’re very talented
15 April 2019
Al Barchak: Thank you for the sweet message and I am so glad you enjoyed the evening. I was extremely happy with yo… https://t.co/XCGe5TLslm
15 April 2019
Kelly: these #pictures are one of my favorite things we get to take from our trip. Cannot pick a favorite or speak… https://t.co/D7ZDrejetp
19 December 2018
Carter: That is hilarious!! Great work!! Thank you so much!! Cracking up #photoshopservices #NYC #photographer
08 December 2018
Lexi: I'm crying looking at these. Thank you so much #photos #bestphotographer #nyc #familyphoto
05 December 2018
Monique: Thank you for capturing some great memories! This will be a wonderful surprise for Christmas #nycphotographers #familyphotographer
28 November 2018
Jason: They look great thank you so much you're an amazing photographer #photos #nycphotographer #nycphotographers #nycphotos
22 November 2018
Elisa: Omg beautiful shots! Thank you #NYC #EngagementPhotos #proposal #engagementphotographer #nycphotographer https://t.co/bEpd53NbMH
21 November 2018
Hiroko: Thank you so much today!! We had a fun time #NYC #familyphotography #bestnycphotographers #kidsphotographer https://t.co/5Uv1f6aUXg
21 November 2018
Monique: You were one of the best parts of Chrissy’s #Sweet16 I was unsure and you were amazing! I told everyone about you and I still am.
16 November 2018
Elisa: Omg beautiful shots! Thank you! Thank you very much for coming out last night in the freezing cold! #NYCphoto https://t.co/c8QgHA07Cb
16 November 2018
RT @CedrickHarris11: @Brewsterc29 @KseniyaPhotoNYC Legit! 💯
12 November 2018
RT @Brewsterc29: A special thank you to @KseniyaPhotoNYC for capturing these amazing engagement pictures in Central Park https://t.co/bsTIB…
12 November 2018
Chase: Thank you again for everything. I really appreciate everytging #nyc #nycphotographer #bestnycphotographers #weddingphotographer
10 November 2018
David: Yeah it is pretty awesome how you can make people so happy #photo #memories #photographer #nycphotographgers #bestphotographer #nyc
06 November 2018
Eric: Thank you so much. We just took a look at them and love them! We will keep you in mind for future events #weddingphotography #nyc
10 October 2018

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“It was my pleasure. The link you sent me worked perfectly and the shots are fabulous!  You are a charming, intelligent and talented women. I will be happy share those links with people I meet. Again, these shots are wonderful.  My own mother would not recognize me. Thank you so much.” Chad S. (c), Headshot

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