Your first impression in your dating profile is your photo. Great writing cannot overcome a bad main photo. Without a good profile photo you won't get a second glance. Fix this deficiency and watch your likes soar!

Headshot, Doug, Musician  –

Ksenyissima – !

Thank you for the beautiful edits – I found them all very easily, & am choose among them for my current professional photo.  I have mentioned your name & will continue to!  Thank you for being so enthusiastic & accommodating throughout this whole process – it’s hard! so often we end up dissatisfied with our photos but we have to live with them for a few years.  This was very much the opposite, and I’m grateful to you. All best for a peaceful Fourth of July!

Doug (c)

Headshot, Cody, casual online dating –

Yeah, they look great. Thank you Ok, I got them. Thank you!

Cody H. (c)

Headshot, Jason, producer –

Hi Kseniya,

Thank you for your work. There are some great shots. You were able to make a monster look human : P With city view very well. I’m glad we shot outside. The view is stunning in the dark. I’m wondering if it would have been smarter to shoot at night. I will keep in touch.

-Jason (c)

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